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By: Inner Peace Healing  08-05-2014
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Every crystal resonates with its own unique energy frequency. This energy allows crystals to assist in the cleansing and healing processes of our energy body. Since our energy body influences our physical body - the use of crystals can be used to support the healing of physical ailments. In any treatment offered at Inner Peace Healing I may use crystals if they are needed e.g if a particular chakra needs energising, to assist in clearing an energy blockage or to balance and energise all your chakras. Crystal Surgery was developed by Vivien Schapera in Cincinnati in the US of the Four Winds Academy. It is her unique method of using crystals and stones to work beneficially on a persons Energy Field, and Energy Body. Crystal Surgery is a method for operating directly on the energy field and the energy body, in such a way that through systematic, direct changes in these two systems, indirect changes are stimulated in the physical body. What happens in our physical body is influenced by the state of our energy field and etheric body. So by working in the energy field and ‘fixing’ and healing the energy the physical body is positively impacted. When one experiences shock, trauma, illnesses and physical injury the energy body is literally knocked out of shape. Crystal surgery puts the energy body back into shape again. The wands used have specially selected pairs of crystals that have different cleansing, healing and energising properties. Each procedure in crystal surgery is carried out with the precision of physical surgery - following a specific approach to ensure that the healing properties of the crystals permeate the energy field so that healing takes place.

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