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By: Alpha Design Electrical  05-18-2012
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LED LIGHTING –Revolutionising itself and we largely have a change in lighting to thank for this. namely LED lighting. The popular metal halide light, currently in use in most large stores, provides cost effective lighting installations, but when compared to LED lighting, the product falls short in that these lights generate significant heat and are slow to start up. While they can be customised, the standard halide fittings don’t provide any form of flexibility.LED lighting is fast changing all of this and now offers retailers the opportunity to digitally control their own lighting. The options are endless and for the retailer this means being able to reposition produce with ease. Bringing comforting bath sheets and warm woollen blankets to the shop’s fore in winter means changing the Kelvin colour temperature of all nearby LEDs to a warmer hue. The display is instantly inviting, and the product holds a strong appeal. Moving on to the onset of spring may call for the same area to display cosmetics and rejuvenating colours. This would call for a crisper, cooler look – the Kelvin colour temperature is then adjusted by the retailer by way of remote control to reflect a cooler temperature The consumer is then drawn to the crispness of the spring product – all this without any cost to the retailer and without any need for a ladder, let alone an electrician. LEDs give big and small retailers alike a definite competitive edge. If you need to light a meat counter in a supermarket, one would typically use a warmer colour with a higher CRI (colour rendering index) in the red spectrum, while light and heat sensitive fruit and vegetable displays would benefit from a reduced intensity of light in order to prolong their shelf life. LED technology will save you 90% of your energy usage and offers you a longer life expectancy on your light fittings.

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