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By: Software Solutions  01-28-2017
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Because each user and each business have different needs, we have decided to not write one solution, and then apply it as a blanket roll-out.​ Instead, we will write and configure a system that suits your needs - whether it is aimed at just browsing the internet and mail, and maybe playing a card game or two, or whether it is a system aimed at fully fledged architectural design and local 3-d printing on-site.​ By its nature, this means that we will first consult with our clients, ascertain their needs, and then make proposal as to a solution that will fit their needs exactly. This means that each client then has an unique system, that is not replicated anywhere else in the world - from being branded to the business, or user, to the setup and configuration of the system.​ This means also that each client will receive (from us) the original software used to create the system with (also called an install image or KIWI file), which can be used later to install the system to additional computers, or in the case of a system crash (which doesn't happen, except with user input!), to reconstitute the system.​ We do not work just with Linux, however.​ We also work on other operating systems - mainly, Windows® and Android®. We will keep on offering Linux as an alternative as far as possible, and for the following reasons:​ Affordable: One does not pay for Linux software. To use but one example: instead of LibreOffice, which is by far a stronger office suite than that offered by Microsoft®, you are welcome to make the current payment - around ZAR4700.00 for the full package, or just more than a ZAR1200.00 yearly. Stable: Our longest continuous up-time (time when a computer is not shut down or having to reboot after for instance installing software) was 3 years and just over 8 months - and it never gave a problem. Seamless integration with web-services: This means, in short, everything that is becoming IoT (the internet of things) Because most web-services are already built using Linux as base operating system, and most IoT devices do the same, this makes more sense than having your beautiful new smart fridge crashing and having to reboot twice a day. Easy to use and configure Difficult to break Secure (both against viruses and attacks)

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