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By: Gout Care  11-11-2011
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GC® is our signature herbal blend we are most recognized for, proudly keeping people gout pain free since its introduction over nine years ago. We have been successfully ending the pain for tens of thousands of our loyal customers since 1998. This all natural herbal blend is specially formulated to boost the very functions in the body necessary to control uric acid production and excretion in order to avoid its crystallization and damage within the joints, tissue, fat, and organs.

GC® does not override any natural function in the body in an attempt to band aid the symptoms as you would find with most medications being prescribed today. Instead GC® is used to boost the body’s ability to fight the infection and control all new uric acid production in order to prevent future attacks by keeping uric acid soluble and expelling from the body as it should.

This powerful herbal blend aids to enhance blood flow and blood purification, stimulate new liver cell growth, protect the liver from toxins, increase kidney filtration and excretion, increase the production of bile, and to boost the digestive and immune systems. By doing so, we are addressing all of the areas involved in uric acid control and the proper use of such a potent and necessary antioxidant in the body. These herbs contain the ability to metabolize the foods that can cause inflammation and aids to keep all uric acid production in soluble form to prevent crystallization in the joints.

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Even more exciting is its safety and ease on the body's acceptance of these food source based herbs making daily consumption not only possible but advantageous. A blend of all natural, organically grown, pharmaceutical ingredients including Aged Low Odor Garlic, Turmeric Powder, Artichoke Powder, Milk Thistle (Silymarin Extract), and Yucca Stalk make this formula second to none. The GC® herbal blend is made up of some of the safest, most effective and side effect free herbs known to man and is beneficial to all walks of life with or without Gout. For serious gout control, there is nothing that even comes close. GC® is by far the best solution to an extremely painful problem. 100% Guaranteed!

Goutcare.co.za also provides key suggestions for some lifestyle adjustments regarding diet, cooking methods, water intake and additional helpful supplements to address your health as a whole since Gout can be a strong warning sign of body malfunction and other disease growth. In addition to our great product and other supportive supplements, we will provide you with a wealth information and support towards your new healthy approach.

- Over 70% of your immune system is in your digestive tract. Do you have enough friendly bacteria to handle this large task? About 30% of all uric acid is expelled through the bowels with the help of Friendly Bacteria.

Keywords: Gout