12 Virtues

By: Azurite Press  11-11-2011


Recorded Live 1-4 April 2011 - Sarasota, FL: “The ShA-DahL-UUN Rite, the 12 Virtues and the Shores of Ah-MA-ya-san”; “Planetary Mirror in the Sky” Activation-1 & Crystallization of the Luminary Body.

During this April workshop, Team Indigo-Aquafereion not only laid essential foundations for the Sliders 10, 11 and 12 workshops but also took a HUGE step towards its eventual union with the Aurora Earth Planes through activation of the Aurora Water Crystal Generators, activation of the ShA-Dhal-uun Rite (Rite of passage into the Adept level of training), personal chakra induction of the 12+1 Virtue Codes, Crystallization of the Luminary Body, the Residency Adept Invitations and the Mirror in the Sky Activation Level-1. For the first time, the information and healing program released in this workshop are from the Book of KaLA Um-Sha TaRA, one of the Holy Books of the Mashayahana Master Council Elemental Adept Cloisters. The 12+1 exquisitely beautiful Virtue Codes, each with its own unique core encryption code, Man-dh’a-LA code, name, tone, quality and four components, are interwoven with multiple layers, and together create the Man-dh’a-Lic Shield of Virtues, and the “Wheel of the Eternal Virtues of Ka-LA”. Together they represent collective Fields or Gestalts of Consciousness within the Aurora Field that form a Blend wave that creates a link between NET Earth and the Middle Edon Domains. Their introduction to our technique repertoire signifies an enormous acceleration in our personal healing and training for slide, not to mention in our multi-level perception, our projection abilities and our ability to communicate with our multi-dimensional Kristic family and associates. They will bring us a step closer to becoming fully aware of, and atomically blended to (through Luminary Body crystallization) the co-existing reality fields of NET Earth.

 The Siesta Key Beach Journey preparation involved the Part 1Dha-Bhel-um and Part 2A ShA-Dhal-uun Yha-MA activations. Topics covered before techniques included the Eternal Virtues of Ka-LA, the Wheel of Virtues (released for use by ALL Three Paths of the Kryst - KaLE Krysta ascension, KaLE RAma step-back, and KaLE DEma Kryst fall, but not KaLE DEma black hole fall), the 8 Fundamental Virtues Foster Divine Right Action and the 4 Noble Virtues that Foster Divine Right Relationship. Each Virtue Code Being belongs to one of the 4 Triadic Elemental Mantras (Earth Crystal, Water, Air and Fire). The Ether Mantra Central (Virtue Code #13) is associated with the tone ‘Aah’ and the Psonn of ShA-DhaL-UUN). Other topics include the 5 MashayaHana Master Council Elemental Adept Cloisters, the Path of the Ma-jhi-Ta Adashi Adept “Benders”, the Rite of ShA-DhaL-UUN (representing passage from the “Intern Adept” Program to “Resident Adept” Program), and taking the Vow of the Virtues (a personal promise to actively seek, understand and embody the qualities of the 12+1 Virtues to accelerate enlightenment). Immediately before the beach journey, participate in the Transmission of the Dha-na-Co-HarA Karmic Dissolution Code, Taking the Vow of Eternal Virtues of Ka-LA (to explore the Path of Ma-Jhi-Ta Evolution), Receiving the Key of the Cloister Code, Receiving the full encryption of the Wheel of the Eternal Virtues of Ka-LA, and optical pineal induction of the Shores of Ah-MA-ya-san Mural Codes (startsDVD1:1hr17min). During the beach journey, enjoy traveling in Shield for Grid Event-1 to the Shores of Ah-MA-ya-San for Raising the Aurora Water Crystal Generators and Journey to the “Shores of Ah-MA-ya-san”, Planetary “Mirror in the Sky” Activation-1A (startsDVD2:12mins).

Broadcast live during the early hours of the Monday morning workshop: before taking part in the Part 2B ShA-Dhal-uun Yha-MA activations, hear about the 1st take-home technique, the 4-Point Man-dha’-Lic Meditation. This beautiful technique involves the breath, the visual (induction), audio (toning) and tactile (tracing the core encryption code), which make up the 4 aspects to the 4-Point meditation. The 2nd take-home technique involves the Mudras (“Mudra - name for the hand positions corresponding to each of the 5 Elemental Commands). It is an “anytime technique”, but also described as a “Now Moment” technique. After doing this a few times, it becomes clear why! Techniques DVD 2:2hr12mins: Chakra Induction of the “Wheel of Virtues Alphabet” (each Code is transmitted into each corresponding Chakra & Seed Crystal Seal, before engaging full circulation within the Rasha Body, Light Body, Etheric Body, Spirit Body and Physical Body structures), Crystallization of the Luminary Body, and “Grid Event-2”: Activating the Crystal Planes of Aurora , Planetary , “Mirror in the Sky” Activation-1B (completing Level-1 activation).

Saturday Techniques:

ShA-Dhal-uun Rite Activations

Part 1: The Dha-Bhel-um  DVD1 2hrs 17mins

·         Dha-na Co-HarA Dissolution Code          DVD1 2hrs 18mins

·         “Vow to the Eternal Virtues of KaLA”       DVD1 2hrs 21mins

·         Part 2A: The ShA-DhalL-UUN Yha-MA

·         Receiving the Key of the Cloister Transmission   DVD1 2hrs 22mins

·         “Wheel of the Eternal Virtues of Ka-LA”  12+1 Elemental Code Transmission  DVD1 2hrs24mins

·         Tonal activation of the “Wheel of the Virtues”  DVD1 2hrs26mins

·         Prep for the Beach: Induction of the “Shores of Ah-MA-ya-san” Transharmonic Code DVD1 2hrs27mins

Grid Event-1 Beach :Raising the Aurora Water Crystal Generators and Journey to the “Shores of Ah-MA-ya-san”, Planetary “Mirror in the Sky” Activation-1A  DVD2  12mins

Monday morning Techniques:

Part 2B: The ShA-DhaL-UUN Yha-MA

·       Chakra induction of the “Wheel of the Virtues Alphabet” DVD2 2hrs12mins

·       Crystallization of the Luminary Body DVD2 2hrs36mins

Grid Event-2 Conference Room :

Activating the Crystal Planes of Aurora Planetary “Mirror in the Sky” Activation-1B            

Narration: DVD3 21mins ; Journey: DVD3 24mins

Comes with a 56 page supporting handbook. See Supporting Product Item Below.

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Corresponding Workshop and Code Release schedule: Bi & Tri Veca - Sarasota 09/ 01; Khu Veca - Allentown - 10/ 01; Dha & Rha Veca - Sarasota 11/ 01; Eckasha - Peru 01/ 02; IAHAIA ManU Code - Sarasota 03/ 02; further Codes will be added during classes. The 'Bi' and 'Tri' Veca Codes facilitate the opportunity to open ones personal fields to the first levels of PLCs, and the Khu, Dha and Rha Vecas extend this process into the Primal Sound Fields.