Agricultural Business Plans and Agricultural Advisory

Keywords: Irrigation, Fruit, wines

We Plan and Advise for any Agricultural Enterprise.
1.Our Business Plans are unique to YOUR specifications and situation and are not templates .A business plan usual includes the following:
Expert appraisal of the value of the fixed property,detailed description and analyisis of Status quo,detailed description of natural resources and their suitability,analysis of strengths,weaknesses,opportunities and threats,detailed financial analysis of exisiting and new enterprises,including Capial Investment Analysis,Cash flow projections,furture growth propects, Marketing Stratergies, Human Resource Stratergies and follow up advise.
2. Our advisory consists of Soil, water. plant analyisi interpretations, pasture,crop,fruit,animal and poultry management as well as Agri Tourism management.Day to day management, production flow and managemnt case studies as well as market stratergy analysis   and more .
3. Detailed advise on controlled and semi controlled environments for pountry, animal and vegetable growing and marketing eg, growing tunnels and hydroponics , pig farming and egg laying farming
4.Organic farming and permaculture ( all aspects)

Keywords: Agronomy, Animal, dairy, Fruit, General Agricultural and Business Consulting, Irrigation, Soil Science, wines,