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By: Ppecb  11-11-2011

The PPECB Certification Body is Southern Africa’s first choice certification body that conducts third party audits and grants certification for sustainable agricultural methods.  PPECB’s policy is to delegate certification activities in the primary production regions in South Africa, thereby reducing costs and delivering guaranteed top quality service.  Even though PPECB operates primarily in the Southern Part of Africa, request from the rest of Africa will be considered.
As a supplier you wish to export your product to Europe and other global markets. Exporters and agents are keen to buy your produce but require a food safety certificate as proof that your product is produced and packed according to food safety standards (GlobalG.A.P; TNC; HACCP; BRC)

Statement on Impartiality:
In order to safeguard our professional reputation, top management of PPECB expects our employees and external personnel to act ethically and impartially in the long-term interest of PPECB. We require personnel, internal and external, to reveal any situation known to them that may expose them or our company to a conflict of interests. The PPECB Certification Body shall use this information to identify threats to impartiality raised by the activities of such personnel or by the organizations that employ them. We shall not use personnel, internal or external until we can demonstrate that the risks or threats to impartiality are minimised. PPECB top management commits itself to conduct audits impartially to all clients and prospective clients. All clients are treated equally and are expected to achieve the same level of conformance that is required by the standard they are assessed against. All certification decisions will be based on objective evidence that has been provided by the client after a competent audit process has been followed.

PPECB provides the following audits:
• HACCP Audit
• BRC Audit

PPECB is also and Approved Services Provider for the following schemes:
• Tesco Nature's Choice
• LEAF Audit
• 360 Quality Audit

PPECB is also a member of the SAACB (South African Association of Certification Bodies), this association is responsible for promoting accredited certification.

A directory of certified clients is available upon request for GLOBALGAP, BRC, HACCP and Natures Choice, including the location of the organization and the scope of certification. Should you require a comprehensive list of organizations registered with PPECB whose certification has been:
• Granted; extended; maintained; renewed; suspended; reduced by scope or withdrawn
Please do not hesitate to contact the office.

For more information on our services please feel free to contact the Client Relations Manager:
Carol Munro on +27 21 930 1134 or 082 464 0806 .