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By: Ecosoil  11-11-2011
Keywords: Compost Tea, Compost Tea Systems


Ecosoil's compost tea systems are highly effective and reliable. Only the best components are sourced to ensure lasting quality and efficiency. The bubblers are imported and extremely durable. Tests have shown that they are more efficient in extracting and enhancing microbial growth than compared with systems using perforated PVC pipes. The stainless steel compost basket allows for easy cleaning. The compost basket is equipped with its own bubbler, which continually stirs the compost inside the container and increases the amount of micro-organisms that are extracted from the compost. Thus the efficacy of the system is greatly increased. Ecosoil uses blowers to aerate the tea and these are far superior to other systems which use water pumps and venturis. Fungi and protozoa are very frail and cannot withstand constant hammering by pumps. Ecosoil's tanks are made from UV-stabilised virgin polyethylene and are open top 1200 litre tanks with lids.

These tanks are specifically moulded for Ecosoil. All organic material move to the center of the tank and remain in suspension. These tanks could also be used to dissolve fertiliser.


It is imperative that only the best compost is used to make compost tea. Our compost is specifically made to be used in compost tea systems with two key objectives in mind – microbial diversity and very high microbial numbers. To achieve this, we produce various static compost heaps, each with its own inoculants and starting materials. Thus each compost heap contains its own unique microbial diversity. The final product is a blend of 7 different composts.

A water extract of this compost is made in the compost tea system. After extraction, the micro-organisms are multiplied by adding specific organic food additives. After numerous tests, 8 different ingredients were decided upon as food additives.

The compost and ingredients are sold together as a compost tea hamper which conforms to EC regulation 2092/91 annex II and has been inspected by ECOCERT, F32600. It is suitable for use in organic farming.


Ecosoil plans to expand its range. Research and experimentation on organic products are currently underway.


Ecosoil supplies the following products that can be used in conjunction with compost tea:

Apex – Ecosoil has developed a plant and microbe food substrate which is used in conjunction with the compost tea in applications where only a small amount of compost tea can be applied at a time, such as in dry land applications.

Humate granules & Liquid humate –

  • Humic acid is a powerful fungal stimulant. Fungi enhances soil structure, resulting in better water and oxygen holding capacity and increases root movement within the soil.
  • Microbes need a carbon source to digest nitrogen. Humates supply carbon and thus limit carbon stripping from the soil. What is very important is that the humates are non-toxic and microbe friendly.
  • Humates stabilise nitrogen and improves nitrogen efficiency.
  • Humates complexes with phosphate to reduce lockups (ideal with DAP and MAP).
  • Increases the permeability of the cells thus increasing nutrient uptake by 40%.
  • Has a pH buffering capacity, which will help neutralise the problems associated with pH extremes. Humates can also buffer the effects of excessive elements, especially sodium, toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

Fulvate powder & Liquid fulvate –

  • Fulvates act as an electrolyte providing trickle charge of energy that helps to rebalance and recharge depleted cells allowing for optimal energy potential for organisms.
  • Fulvates and soil microbes form a symbiotic relationship that helps to break down insoluble minerals and organic material. This makes it available for use by plants.
  • Fulvates bind minerals and other nutrients contained in soil, dissolving the large complex compounds into solution. This is known as complexing or chelating.

Keywords: Compost Tea, Compost Tea Systems