T SOFT - Re-Engineering

By: T Soft  11-11-2011


Our Re-Engineering services breathe life into products that are at the end of their life cycle, or are too expensive to manufacture.

Re-Engineering is the process of reworking an existing product for a specific purpose.

Some products are re-engineered to make them more cost effective for production. Others have been in existence for many years and one or more components are now absolute.

Modern production methods, electrical and safety standards, cheaper and smaller components are all factors urging companies to have products re-engineered.

Other products and services from T Soft


T SOFT - PCB Layout and Prototyping

The process consists of using a CAD program to connect tracks that represent connections between components on the final board. Description PCB layout is the process of designing the template for manufacturing a PCB (Printed Circuit Board. We generally use our clients CAD software to ensure that the layout files conform to their standards. We offer PCB layout services and PCB prototyping.


T SOFT - Consulting Services

Companies that are doing their own Electronic Hardware or Software development, use our consulting services when they require advice in a particular area of development that they are not experienced with. Amongst other areas, we are experts in PC interfacing, USB development, GSM, GPRS, SMS.