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  WorkPool - The Complete Resource Management and Client Service Solution  
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WorkPool is a first-of-it's-kind, new generation business management tool that allows you to be in total control of your business. You can manage your workflow, communication, client relationships, projects and your office environment all from a single system. WorkPool is all about working smarter and doing the most with the time you have available! It endeavours to become the "digital nervous system" of your business and will assist you in identifying and solving inefficiencies in your practice. It performs the function of a full-time personal assistant, office manager and project manager - all in one! WorkPool tracks every process, activity and relationship to give you an accurate, real time audit trail of events. WorkPool allows for the seamless integration of staff and team members' daily workflow in order to promote teamwork, productivity and avoid miscommunication. Harness the abilities of your staff to work together as an efficient team. Manage your company, office, or team from anywhere in the world! Whatever the size or geographical location of your company, WorkPool can transform your office environment, redefine your current boundaries and revolutionise the way you do business forever!  

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