Family & Systemic Constellations Sessions

By: Claudio Celestino  03-28-2013
Keywords: Personal Development, Therapy, Clinical Psychologist

Family Constellations was founded by theGerman psychotherapist Bert Hellinger about 35 years ago and is now one of thefastest growing therapeutic methods worldwide.

 When we understand the systemic lawsthat allow love to unfold we may help suffering families and individuals tofind solutions, even after a life time of hate, anger and abuse. - BertHellinger founder of Family Constellations

What makes it so attractive, how is it different from other methods andwhat are the benefits?

Family Constellationsis a solution focused intervention giving deep insights into hidden dynamicsamongst all members of a system (family system, school system, organisationalsystem, health system, social system, community system….) and how thesedynamics are having an impact on the client and their behaviour.

Constellations Workcan be described as a way of mapping the system using representatives to createa representation of the system where participants have a somatic basedexperience that usually reaches levels of understanding beyond the mind. Theclient sees a 3 dimensional picture of his/her system in motion, revealingdynamics of the past, dynamics influencing the present and offering a healingimage for the future. Family Constellations Work is often referred to asTrans-Generational healing due to its healing impact across multi generationallayers. 

Keywords: Clinical Psychologist, couples counselling, Depression Counselling, Family Constellations, Family Counselling, Marriage Counseling, Marriage Counselling, Personal Development, Relationship Counselling, Therapy, Trauma Counselling

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