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chakra charts from Integrating Healing Styles

By: Integrating Healing Styles  06-03-2011
Keywords: Books, Yoga, Meditation

We have formulated a unique chakra chart integrating Western (Aura-Soma®, Bach® Remedies, Tissue salts etc) , Eastern (Yoga, Chi Gung etc) and African (Indigenous herbal remedies) healing styles.

This chart includes the following information on each chakra:

Colour, mandala, yantra, Sanskrit name, location, organ/physical area, physical imbalance/ symptoms, glands, yoga asanas/ exercises, sense & element, tissue salts, essential oils/ herbs, indigenous herbal remedies, Ayurvedic medicine, musical note, vibrational sound, mantra, frequency, affirmation, mental & emotional aspects, over energised, under energised, addictions, crystals, Aura-Soma®, Bach® Remedies, SA flower essences, auric body, psychic ability, angels & archangels, astrology, chi gung and meditation.

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