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OptiClient and OptiPocket

Powerful software solutions for your telephone system with PC and PDA

The benefits of the HiPath Real Time IP systems for companies can also, and especially, be reaped in mixed system environments.  For example, with telephony via the PC or PDA.

Thanks to OptiClient, no telephones take up space on your desk, and whether you are in the office or travelling, you can always do so on the same familiar surface with your PC or notebook.  While on the phone, you can quite conveniently enter data into application programs via your PC, or access data. And if you want to be even more mobile- with the OptiPocket, Siemens offers the same functions for the PDA as well.

OptiPoint accessories

Individual solutions for all your special requirements

The OptiPoint Microphone

OptiPoint conference Kit

OptiPoint adapters make
telephones even more flexible


Open Stage IP Phones


OpenStage family

The OpenStage family is designed to be exptremely user friendly and simplify feature implementation.  Sensorial interfaces based on advanced technology solutions (touch keys, embedded colour LEDs, Touch Slider for volume controle and Touch Guide navigator) as well as large, titable, backlit colour graphical displays in TFT technology facilitate user interaction.

The XN120 has the features that five you real business benefits.  For instance, if you’re on one call and need to answer another, just press one button to put the original call on hold and take the new one.

Our call centre features give you “large corporate” benefits at an SME price.  XN120 can distribute calls evenly to assigned staff or in a priority order.  If one group member is busy, the call forwards to the next group member.  If staff is busy you can queue callers and play holding messages.

To make sure customers and suppliers receive the attention they deserve, XN120 also uses calling number display, which can identify a callers name and telephone number. So you can answer with a personal greeting. 

XN 120 integrated digital voice mail has up to 15 hours of message time, and a host of flexible options, such as pressing 1 button to use conversation record to store conversations in your mailbox.

There are some employees who can never be reached by phone at their desk. There are some customers who will not accept this in the long term. And there are now advances in communication which free your employees from their desks and yet enable the to stay in touch at all times, wherever they are.

With HiPath Cordless Office, your people are always accessible. This newly gained mobility makes your business more flexible, effective and productive. HiPath Cordless Office is one way of raising the profitability of your company, achieving a faster return-on-investment in the long term.

No Call is lost

Employees can leave their desks at any time. For example, if production decisions have to be made on site, a delivery has to be checked, a tour of inspection is unavoidable, or a customer has to be welcomed. There are bound to be countless other reasons why your staff have to move around the company premises instead of sitting tight at their desks. With HiPath Cordless and a Gigaset Mobile handset in their pocket, no callers will even notice that they are not at their desk.

HiPath Cordless Office consists of a mobile switching center and radio cells formed around base stations. The solution is therefore equally suitable for small companies with five or more users, as it is form medium sized enterprises wit one hundred and more users.

The Gigaset mobile handset guarantees telephone access in the entire radio coverage area. It has the same functions and features as the fixed network telephone on the desktop.

The smartest battery charger in the world. Ctek offers a wide range of new technology battery chargers. Unlike old traditional battery chargers Ctek chargers are designed with focus on simplicity, safety and flexibility. Ctek is perfectly suited for motorcycles, cars, lawn mowers, Jet Ski’s and any other vehicle with lead acid batteries.

A complete range is also available for the Industrial, Marine and Agricultural market.

The latest patented “switch mode” battery charger:

CTEK offers you the following advantages:

  • Desulphates and reconditions sulphated batteries
  • Connect and forget functionality
  • Quick connect cable system
  • Up to a 5 year exchange guarantee
  • Suitable for all lead, acid, gel, calcium, AMG and deep cycle batteries
  • Best tested charger in Europe 3 years in a row.

Keywords: Desk, telephone system