By: PENAC PRODUCTS  12-09-2010
Keywords: products, Animal Health, Animal Production

Improved profitability at minimum expense
Penergetic-t is added to the animal feed in the form of calcium carbonate. Only 50 g
of Penergetic-t are required per ton of feed, guaranteeing minimum expenditure. The
improved quality of animal produce leads to high profitability.
Reduced odour
At the same time, the use of Penergetic-t also reduces the level of odour nuisance in
the stable. The specific information contained in Penergetic-t reduces putrefaction
processes in the animals' excrement. Aerobic bacteria are able to develop freely and
bind the odour in the stable.
Areas of application for Penergetic-t
Animal production 
Zoological gardens
Horse keeping
Domestic animals 

Keywords: Animal Health, Animal Production, products