By: PENAC PRODUCTS  12-09-2010
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Healthier Plants - lower input costs
Penergetic p is a plant tonic that stabilizes and strengthens plants and promotes growth through an enlargement of root mass. Penergetic is a unique proprietary technology. Penergetic p works with the biological processes in nature to stimulate the microorganisms in the soil. After being successfully used in Europe, South America and Asia for over ten years, Penergetic p is now being introduced in North America.
In case of normal watering use 200 g / 1000 l.
For spraying and irrigation 100 g to 250 g / ha depending on crop    
Penergetic-p for watering and spraying for all plants.
Seed dressing: 20 g Penergetic-p calcium carbonate / 100 kg seed
Dry application (dressing, powdering): 1:10 pre-mix with stone meal, sand, sawdust etc. 
Household and Garden
2 g Penergetic-p / 10 l watering can
Mix required amount of Penergetic-p in water and let stand for 20-30 minutes. Stir before use.

Keywords: Farming, products