By: PENAC PRODUCTS  12-09-2010
Keywords: products, Farming, Animal Health

Penergetic-k  is  a soil additive that accelerates the decomposition process of field residue, manure and compost and strengthens nutrient recycling & disease suppression through the rhizosphere. Penergetic-k works with the biological processes in nature to stimulate the microorganisms in the soil.

Penergetic k primary applications include:
     •    composting of in-field crop residue and field mulch
     •    soil preparation prior to planting
     •    aerobic breakdown of manure and compost   
     •    improving barn/stable conditions

Penergetic k applications rate:
On Soil
apply 300g penergetic-k per hectare (spraying application)
In Compost apply 40g of penergetic-k per m3 of composting material.
In Barns / Stables apply 3g penergetic-k per m2

Keywords: Animal Health, Farming, Organic Farming, products