By: PENAC PRODUCTS  12-13-2010
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Trade Name                         Size

penac-h, Special                 100ml

penac-h, Special                 50ml

penac-h, Standard             100ml             

Crème special: beeswax, olive oil, rosewood oil, herb extracts

Crème neutral: Vaseline

The crèmes received the information of minerals and oxygen. Outer application makes it possible to create a carefully directed point of energy. Due to the component olive oil a much deeper penetration is achieved. The crèmes ideally complement the cloths and the siliceous earth. The use on children is not recommended except where a direct need arises (small cut, bruise etc.). According to thousands of reports the crèmes reduce pain, speed-up healing, help to eliminate spasms.   

The needed energy can be regulated via the amount that is applied. The more that is applied, the longer

the effect will last.

The cream should generally only be used in the morning. In this way an excess of energy will be 'used

up' during the day.

Keywords: Animal Health, cosmetic, Pain Relief, products