By: PENAC PRODUCTS  12-09-2010
Keywords: Water Treatment, Farming, Drinking Water

Penergetic AquaKat  - the holistic system for water vitalisation

Water is the primeval source of all life. Water provides the essential basis for life on our planet and is also the most important element in all living organisms. Natural, pure water is rich in life-giving energy and is the most important source of nutrition on earth.


The numerous reprocessing cycles and pumping through kilometre-long pipelines made of plastic, concrete and metal combine to impair the vitality of drinking water to such an extent as to render it virtually dead in biological and energetic terms.Water vitalisation according to the Penergetic system enables the water to be returned to its original, harmonious state of vitality.

Sophisticated technology

The AquaKat and Water-Kat have been provided with selected information from various spring waters. Tap water is able to 'understand' this information, and a vitalisation process takes place. The AquaKat is able to trigger various reactions in water, such as hardness stabilisation, whereby the  lime alters its crystallisation behaviour. No decalcification takes place - instead, the lime's deposition behaviour alters. Lime residues are easier to remove. Microorganisms which are able to transform (process) various substances can be stimulated in groundwater and process water. 

Simple installation  

Installation of the AquaKat could not be simpler: They are attached to the main water pipe, down-line of the water meter and pressure reducing valve (if fitted). A universal screw fixture to fit all pipes (3/4" to 2") is provided. The Kat can be fitted to both metal and plastic pipes. No additional piping or maintenance is required. 7 to 10 cm of accessible straight pipe is all that is required for installation.

The advantages at a glance

              Beneficial to humans, animals and plants

            No installation costs

            Absolutely simple installation

            No energy consumption

            Neither magnetic nor electric

            No running costs, maintenance-free

            No interference with the water piping system

            No chemical additives to bind or remove lime

            The economical solution to your lime problem

            Also suitable for rented apartments


Areas of application

            Domestic water piping

            Cattle shed

            Caravan and mobile home

            Swimming pool


            Hairdressing salon

            Market garden

            Car wash





Observe the effect

Installation of the Kat results in vitalisation of  the water, rather than the removal of lime. A change in the structure is induced and the  lime deposition behaviour is modified (hardness stabilisation).   

To enable better verification of the effect, descale all perlators (tap meshes) and shower heads, prior to fitting the AquaKat. Remove the old lime residues from baths, showers, washbasins, tiles, taps, coffee machines, saucepans, etc.Observe how the effects of the vitalised water soon become apparent. At what intervals is thorough cleaning of your household fittings and appliances now necessary in order to remove scale (perlators, saucepans, coffee machine, tap fittings, etc.)?

What changes are discernible? 

Lime (easiness of removal), water colour (clarity), water taste, foods (taste), reduced use of detergents and washing-up liquid, laundry (softer), extent of cleaning work, skin (feel and appearance), hair (feel, appearance, care), plants (appearance, health), animals (appearance, health). 

Keywords: Animal Health, Drinking Water, Farming, Organic Farming, Water Treatment