Debt Counselling & Restructuring

By: InterDirect Financial Services  01-31-2011
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Do you earn an income and yet you find there isn’t enough at the end of the month to make all of your payments?, then don’t hesitate to contact us.  We will then assist you to deal with these financial challenges.

If you have received a letter from your credit provider and/or the magistrate ordering you to consult a debt counselor, then don’t hesitate to    contact us ASAP.

We at InterDirect Financial Services will help you to

Track your money and draw up a budget

Negotiate with your creditors for  lower monthly   re-payment amounts.

Mediate when credit providers take legal action against you


We at InterDirect Financial Services CAN’T:

Take away your Debt.  Your debt is there and will eventually need to be repaid in full.

Make it easy.  Getting out of debt requires honesty,       commitment, hard work and sacrifice.

Allow you further access to credit.  Once you’re officially under debt review, you cannot receive any more credit until your debts are paid.  This includes your store cards, credit cards and over draft        facilities on your bank accounts.


What you need to do:

Commit to the process  Do everything that you are advised to do to pull yourself out of debt.

Make timeous regular payments regarding the lower re-payment debt review agreement.

Keep us up to date about any changes in your financial situation.   Good or Bad. Stick to your budget


Keywords: Debt Consolidating, Debt Counselling, Debt Restructuring, Financial Services,

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