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By: Catering Supply Services  11-11-2011
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CSS delivers a combination of extensive stock and procurement expertise to provide you with benefits that are unique in catering.  Just ask our customers who depend on us to provide rare (and unusual) items every day.Close relationships with the market’s largest manufacturers (giants like Unilever, Nestle, Kellogs, Bokomo, Vector (I&J) and Pioneer foods) enable us to not only ship orders quickly but at highly competitive prices.  And even though we hold over 4,700 line items in stock at any one time, we still maintain higher than average reserves.  This is especially critical when you are contracted to provide items on time and to specification.Any non-stock items you require are handled by our in-house procurement team.  These guys have years of experience in sourcing goods of all kinds from around the world.  They have an intimate understanding of international brands and can find just about any product.  Being able to organise anything from gourmet pickle for a UK owned oil rig through to fresh Norwegian Salmon for a ship’s captain in South Africa distinguishes us sharply from other catering suppliers who often struggle to provide even non-stock items.  Commitment to Supply Whether standard or non-standard, once we have your order we’re committed to delivering accurately and on time.  We’ve been known to clear out major suppliers on certain lines by taking a month’s worth of their stock in a single order.  And when a major manufacturer’s systems crashed and market supply was cut suddenly, CSS bought products from other wholesalers, supplying our customers not only on time but also at the regular price.But it’s not just food items we help our customers with.  We’ve been able to supply items such as bedding, furniture, TVs, pool tables, computers, packaging materials, chemicals, tyres, stoves – the list goes on and on We have arranged full accommodation setups like tents, beds, laundries and portable refrigeration; even facilitating temporary mine hostels for hundreds of workers while appointing staff houses for senior mine management. Returns One important aspect of a good supplier relationship is the quality and handling of returns.  Although we process vast quantities of stock every day we still apply a first –class quality control policy.  Therefore, on the rare occasions you find any defective product we quickly arrange its return and undertake to replace it in line with your delivery and specification criteria.

Keywords: catering

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Not surprisingly, with a complex array of governmental and import regulations, many African countries remain under-serviced by international suppliers. This is because Africa is often considered a low priority when compared with other less challenging, but more lucrative, European markets. Countries like Nigeria, Angola, Namibia, Eritrea, Liberia and Ivory Coast have all contracted CSS to support their catering requirements.