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By: Beam Built-in Vacuums Cape  11-08-2010
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Beam central vacuum systems are installed by Beam Built-In Cape. This leading edge technology central vacuum system is manufactured by Electrolux and carries a lifetime guarantee*. The Beam system is versatile enough to also service private homes and not only hospitals and computer rooms. The following are just a few of the advantages of fitting a Beam Central Vacuum system that will establish and maintain a dust and allergen free indoor environment:


·         ISO 14000 COMPLIANT FILTERS- BEAM uses the BEAM HEPA Cleanstream ™ Filter that removes  99.97% of micro organisms >.03 micrometers.

·         HYGIENIC – it vents ALL dust and organisms outside the building and does not re-circulate it inside the building. Dirty odours lingering in the carpets or on the tiles, are extracted to the outside.

·         SUSTAINED AIRFLOW AND SUPERIOR SUCTION POWER – no filters that can become dirty and clogged thereby restricting the suction power

·         CONVENIENCE – a lightweight, 9m hose (or 11m for commercial use) and attachments, are all you need to carry – no heavy and awkward machines to be dragged across tiles and wooden floors or lugged up and down the stairs

·         NO MAINTENANCE – no bags, filters or screens to be replaced and the dirt canister only needs to be emptied when full. The self-cleaning Gore-Tex© fabric not only ‘sheds’ debris, but also prevents build-up of absorbed dirt.

·         ADDED VALUE – the pipe-run for the system is permanent and a fixed asset

·         LOW NOISE – allows for the continuation of activities by other occupants, i.e. sleeping, talking, listening, reading, working, etc. The average noise pollution level varies between 60 dBA and

·          67 dBA

·         LIFETIME WARRANTY on BEAM Serenity Motors with thebalance of 12 years for the second owner.(This warranty is not applicable to commercial and industrial applications).

·         AFTER-SALES SERVICE – BEAM is manufactured by Electrolux and all parts are readily available and the machines have to be serviced within a 3-year cycle

·         LIFESPAN OF MOTOR – A Primary cyclonic dirt separator and secondary self-cleaning filter protects the motor from fine dust. A by-pass motor uses separately drawn air for cooling ensuring a longer life of the motor.

·         VERSATILE -The inclusion of a wet-and -dry interceptor can be included to ensure that the pipe-run stays clog free in areas where spillages are regularly encountered. 

* Guarantee subject to terms and conditions and only applicable to non-commercial household installations


Keywords: Building Contractors, Electrical Services

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