By: DJ LEO CAPE TOWN  05-15-2011


“ Dj Leo, the party daddio” Rio

Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic evening. Everyone at my 50 loved you. You were absolutely brilliant and everyone really enjoyed it. All your song choices were perfect I would and will recommend you to all my friends.” Richard

“ Our guests just love dj leo on New Year’s eve. He made them dance until 3h00 am. He is a  great entertainer” Le Franschhoek Hotel

“ We have not  found a dj with  such a big playlist and music tastes like you have. You are very versatile and  accommodating. My 50would not have been completed.  We want to keep you here in Nigeria” Obi Komounda

“What a fantastic selection of music.Thanx for great time” Hayley

“What else can you not play! You are freakin awesome!” Jo

“Music was great.Dj leo you are awesome! I had a good time. Nice 80’s music!  Vania

“Thanx for the music.I haven’t heard such good music in a longtime.Thank you again” Mark Lottering

“Dj leo you made my last night in Cape Town special with gr8 music! Mwah!! “ Chantal

You made my 21 birthday.Thank you “ Andrew

“Thanks, had a blast” Kurt & Janine

“Dj leo is phat! He plays awesome music” Daren

“It was absolutely a great evening with the best dj “ Tatiana

“For hot funky almost 40 year olds, you keep us  rocking “ Tracy & Ashley

“Thanks for the music. You are very good.We had so much fun” Carlos Negros NYC

“ freakin awesome fabulous vibe.I love Beefcakes and the dj” Kerissa

“ you are awesome! We love you!  Maria

You made our Halloween party a success” Beefcake Management

“You have made my Friday night.thanx for a great time.You rock!” Tina

“Hello dj leo, thanks for making my 13 birthday fun.My friends loved you!  Maya

“you just know how to read the crowd. I danced my feet off!” Angela

“Thanks Dj leo, I just loved your music. You were the cherry on my 40 birthday cake” Dina

awesome tunes,don’t stop the party” Don

“Captein! I love you.See you in Miami,Rome and the world! “ Ruben

“Thanx for a great and very long set. Your stamina & music taste were both impressive. Thanx for making my 30 a roaring success! Cheers” Chris

“you play music for our heart and souls, you keep us happy and dancing.from old to young.from the beat to the heartfelt memory lane.You are One in a million, even amongst all the billion. Thank you for your talent.We are blessed, as all of us wants to be possessed! Thanks“ Rick

“ Thank you mr dj, I would have danced all night  if my feet was not killing me. You made my 60 great!” Gloria

“ Dj leo, we at Beefcakes  love you. You played a great selection of music during your residency here. You are the best dj in town. We miss you” Beefcakes Staff

Dj Leo thanks for making my 21 birthday fun, especially all the Britney songs.” Mark

“Thanks for making Lindy’s birthday great. You are dynamic!” Cecilia & Natanya

“My favourite and best dj” Brigette

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Comments from Satisfied Clients

"Bene graci mi amore-you rock!" Dale and Enid Fox



 You were just Great! My guests are still talking. You are the BEST! " Roger Cummings