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Past Life Regression from Andy Wilding Hypnotherapy Cape Town

By: Andy Wilding Hypnotherapy Cape Town  12-15-2011
Keywords: Personal Development, Past Life Regression

If you wonder why you sometimes feel that you know a person really well after you meet for the first time, or you feel a sense of 'home' for a place you've never even visited, or you have a sense of nostalgia for a time you could not possibly remember, you are more than likely experiencing a past life memory. The problem is, the harder you try to make sense of it, the harder it is to fill in the missing details. Its almost like you want to sit in your own private cinema, shut out all external input, and watch the movie from the beginning. (browsing tip: right click > open in new tab :)

But if you've ever tried this, (perhaps in meditation) you'll know that it is very difficult to separate your imagination and your observation. As pleasant or wonderful as your fantasy may be, it is frustrating to realise that you are creating it, not remembering it. You are engaging in a journey of discovering your sacred truth, which will help you make sense of a certain situation, or even your whole life. What you need is somehow to 'switch off' your imagination, so that it can not interfere with your observation of real memories, and your pursuit of truth. Hypnosis is the ideal state for Past Life Regression because the mind and body are still, and in this state the mind is highly suggestible to the idea that it can not imagine during this time, it can only observe.

The advantage of letting a Hypnotherapist with experience in Past Life Regression assist you in remembering your past lives, is easy to see:
- The focus of your question will be sharpened before hypnosis, so that your answers make more sense to you.
- You will be hypnotised so that your imagination will not interfere with your pursuit of truth.
- While in hypnosis you will meet and work alongside your spirit guide in the form he, she, or they choose at that time.
- You will receive my transcript of important events in the session via email, stating your clear, concise question, followed by the answers your guides provided for you.

I have been practising hypnotherapy for 5 years, and Past Life Regression has been a passion from the beginning. My style of hypnosis ensures that you are properly hypnotised, and I encourage you to speak and comfortably relate what you are seeing while still remaining in the dream state. Since the age of 14 I have been reading Tarot, which I find has lent a precision to my questions, and makes the answers easier to understand.

Feel free to call me to discuss any questions you may have, if I am unavailable I will be sure to return your call. I greatly appreciate your interest in my work. 079 567 4261

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Keywords: Past Life Regression, Personal Development

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