“Cosmic 432″ Tibetan Chakra Meditation

“Cosmic 432″ Tibetan Chakra Meditation from Andy Wilding Hypnotherapy Cape Town

By: Andy Wilding Hypnotherapy Cape Town  12-12-2013
Keywords: Guided Meditation

Many Chakra meditations involving sound, often overlook the importance of the exact frequency of that sound. Playing an instrument out of tune is not dangerous, but it feels so much better when it is IN TUNE. When the note "A" is tuned to 432 Hz, and the rest of notes in the scale follow that tuning, our bodies respond very positively to it, and we experience a much deeper state of peace and healing than we do when chanting random notes, or using A at 440 Hz. This is because the inner ear resonates very strongly with the 432 Hz frequency, which means that we can hear more of the harmonic range of each note in the scale, and the effect is increased mental clarity and better focus. When we focus clearly on what we want, we improve our ability to manifest. Ancient cultures knew that each Chakra is balanced at an exact frequency, and that creating this exact frequency, brings that Chakra back into balance. The range of tones used for the Chakras in this meditation have the exact frequencies of the range of Tibetan singing bowels used for Chakra alignment. Playing these tones with Isochronic pulses at different frequencies of Alpha, creates a gentle and relaxing effect, that is completely safe. The meditation is guided from Root to Crown, contemplating personal goals for each energy centre, for about 5 minutes on each Chakra. read more... http://www.nbsr.co.za/events/2013/12/cosmic-432-tibetan-chakra-meditation

Keywords: Guided Meditation

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