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By: South African Domains 4 Sale  07-01-2013
Keywords: Domains For Sale has become available and can be yours. Please take note. Your domain name has now also become a search term with Google. When it comes to branding on the INTERNET, the single most important thing is your domain name. Having the right domain name for your business is an essential part of building a strong, successful presence on-line. In a nutshell, the web revolves around domain names and more and more businesses are coming to realize that success starts with the right INTERNET address - the same function on the web that real estate does in the real world. Domain names are inherently profitable assets whose market value is consistently rising. Securing a premium domain name can give your business the advantage it needs today. Don't waste time and money building a great web site without a great domain that best reflects your business, product or service offering. Over the last few years we have invested in premium coza domain names with the intention to use the domains and build up a suite of excellent sites primarily for the South African INTERNET user. Currently, we have in excess of 1200 active websites in our portfolio. All domains on South African Domains 4 Sale are open to offers on a first come first serve basis. Transfer of registered domain ownership is handled directly by us normally within 24 hours after receipt of full payment for the desired domain. Get your domain name before your competition does! Regards SADFS Sales Team South African Domains 4 Sale Tel: 0881242372 Fax: 0865511657 SMS: 0796343545 Stellenbosch Western Cape South Africa Website: E-mail: [email protected]

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