Introduction to Emulsion Fuels

By: NBT Fuels  07-15-2014
Keywords: Fuel, Diesel Fuel, Industrial Lubricants

INTRODUCING TECHNOLOGY THAT CAN REVOLUTIONISE THE EFFICIENCY OF THE WORLDS FUEL AND REDUCE ITS HARMFUL EFFECTS. Nano Bubble Technologies SA is proud to introduce a Nano Emulsion Fuel System that is readily available and can enhance your operation while reducing the harmful emissions into the environment. By combining everyday fuels with water using our revolutionary nano technology, industries that use fuel driven burners or boilers during their production process can now make savings on their fuel bills without significant energy loss. Emulsion Fuels offer the following benefits: 1. Little or no modifications required to equipment to run on EM-Fuel 2. Reduction in harmful emissions.(as much as 40%) 3. Due to the near complete combustion of our EM-Fuel, there is reduced carbon and dirt build-ups in equipment which in turn reduces fire side scale. 4. EM-Fuels have superior lubricity characteristics thereby negating the use of expensive lubricating additives. 5. EM-Fuels reduce the wear and tear on pumps and nozzles which in turn reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

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