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Emulsion Paraffin from NBT Fuels

By: NBT Fuels  02-06-2013
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NBT’S Proprietary Emulsion Technology

NBT’s proprietary technology creates stable mixtures of emulsified fuels, which contain varying percentages of water content. The emulsion technology can be applied to bind various base fuels with water, creating a wide array of environmentally friendly products that reduce both oxides of nitrogen (NO) and particulate matter (PM) pollution created during the combustion process.

NBT delivers its technology through a unique and intimate understanding of the critical components of emulsified fuel production as well as the combustion of emulsified fuels.

Combustion of Emulsions

NBT Emulsified Fuels are a blend of traditional liquid fuels such as diesel, naphtha, heavy fuel oil or Biodiesel and water. The water is present as droplets of microscopic size, distributed throughout the Base Fuel. This type of emulsion is known as an oil-phase emulsion. As a result, the finished emulsion has many of the physical characteristics of its Base Fuel (refer to Figure 1).

In the case of water-phase fuels which have higher water content,such as ROE, the reverse is true and the Base Fuel is suspended as microscopic droplets in water. As a result the finished emulsion can have handling characteristics similar to water.

NBT Emulsified Fuels are manufactured from Base Fuels and water through the chemical bonding of NBT Additives and by passing all three fluids through an NBT Blending Unit.

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