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By: Hex Valley Down  02-05-2014
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We supply 3 main types of goose down duvets of various sizes specifically catering to your warmth needs throughout the year. However we endeavour to go the extra mile and are willing to provide custom made duvets upon request (eg down/feather mixture, sizes). All duvets are produced with a 100% pure, silky smooth cotton percale, down proof fabric so you can wrap up in superior luxury. Warmth Guide Start by considering the following: Do you tend to be warm or cold while you sleep? Is your spouse a warmer or colder sleeper than you? Do you sleep in warm or cold conditions (eg room temperature and climates specific to your area)? Winter Goose Down Duvet This is our fluffiest and extremely warm duvet which is designed as the optimum lightweight warmth. We recommend this duvet to those living in the colder areas of South Africa and to those whose bodies do not generate heat effectively and tend to feel cold very quickly during the coldest months of the year. Construction: As this is our absolutely thickest, fullest and warmest down duvet, we make use of the tunnel construction to ensure that the down filling stays in place whilst allowing the down clusters to expand to its unrestricted, fullest loft potential. Autumn Goose Down Duvet This has come to be referred to as the all season duvet as it is ideal for use throughout the year in South Africa, perfect for the average sleeper who does not struggle with being too hot or too cold. Construction: We have designed these duvets bearing in mind that the down clusters need to expand to their fullest loft potential in order to provide maximum sleeping comfort through proper insulation. The baffled boxes are three dimensional boxes with internal walls called baffle walls which separates the top and bottom layers of fabric. These walls keep the down filling perfectly distributed and in place, preventing cold spots. Summer Goose Down Duvet This is our lightweight duvet, ideal for use during the warmest months of the year and is perfect for those people who tend to feel warm quickly and most of the time. Construction: These duvets we have designed with a stitched-through box construction to ensure that the down filling stays in place whilst being perfectly distributed and allowing maximum loft potential of the down clusters.

Keywords: Duvet, Goose Down Duvet

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