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By: EasyPass  02-07-2013
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You can afford EasyPass?

For the equivalent cost of a night out at a popularnightclub or a meal and a movie at your favourite restaurant you too can afford to sign up with EasyPass.

If you like to go clubbing, once you have paid yourcover charge and bought a few drinks you could easily have spent at least R150.Similarly if you prefer a nice meal and a movie at the cinema you would alsoeasily spend R150 for your night out.

So for the cost of a night out you can sign up toEasyPass for 365 days of the year for only R150 per subject.

Be sure to take advantage of EasyPass’ currentpromotion offering you the chance to sign up for this reduced price. Seeour latest promotions atnow by visiting the EasyPass Tertiary site.

Plus, once you have the help of the EasyPassresources available to you, you will find that you will be able to revise andlearn the work quickly and easily every week in small manageable amounts.

This will actually leave you with more “free” timethan you had before, so instead of spending hours and hours trying to learn andunderstand all the key concepts of Business Management, use the extensivedatabase of EasyPass questions to help you prepare and revise for your examsefficiently and effectively.

What can you do with “free” time that EasyPass hashelped you create? Why not enjoy yourself a bit more at your favourite night club or restaurant.

You can sign up to EasyPass for a limited time forjust R150 for the whole year, this works out to:

 ü about41 cents per day

ü  approximately R 2.88 per weekor

ü justR 12.50 per month

For a helpful resource like EasyPass that soundslike value for money.

But don’t just take our word for it, go and see for yourself, go to now and then click on the EasyPass tertiary link and register to takeour free online sample tests to help you pass your Business Management and other Exams easily.

To stay up to date with all the latest news on EasyPass as well as moreblogs on the different chapters from the current prescribed text book forcourses such as MNB 1501 and MNB 1601, amongst others, visit us at

If you would like to tell your friends about EasyPass you can eithere-mail them from your personal e-mail or send them the following link to ourwebpage –or you can go to the followingpageon our website anduse the “e-mail” button to e-mail your friends from there.

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Kind regards

The EasyPass Team

“It’s Easy to Pass your exams with EasyPass”



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