Leased Lines

By: ZSD  12-08-2011

Leased lines give you permanent 24 hour connectivity to the Internet. This opens up a number of possibilities and considerations:
  • IP addresses will be assgined to meet your requirements.
  • Beware of the security implications associated with a permanent connection.
  • Permanent access to your e-mail from off site locations.
  • Host your own web sites.
  • Monthly rental on permanent circuits is payable to Telkom.
  • No telephone call charges are payable.

Other products and services from ZSD


Zslic Office Solution

You do not need to have any computer skills to to benefit from all of the features, as it is remotely managed by ZSD. From a management perspective, the Zslic offers the following features. Shared connection to the Internet via analogue or dial-up ISDN. Utility for Windowsusers to monitor and control dial-up link. Configuration data is backed up remotely at ZSD. The Zslic offers the following functionality.



After many months of waiting Telkom have just announced their ADSL product.As is always the case with these things, there seem to be more questions than answers. ADSL is a technology for delivering data services, (typically Internet Access) down the "last hop" of the link from a telephone exchange to the user's premises. This is the supply of Internet bandwidth to the telephone exchanges, to be delivered to the end user over the ADSL link.