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By: Baby Sense  11-11-2011
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The 100% cotton Baby Sense® Baby Sling has been designed to encourage mums and dads to ‘wear’ their babies in the optimal position. The Sling’s soft fabric cocoons the new baby in a foetal position, which supports the neck well – essential for the newborn. Curled up snugly, close to the parent the baby is calmed in a familiar womb-like environment.

• 100% Cotton sling

• SABS safety tested rings

• Adjustable ring sling for use from prem baby to 3 years of age

Why wear your baby

sleep: The movement stimulation, as well as the snug hold of the sling, promotes sleep. Evidence shows that babies carried during the day sleep better at night. When the newborn baby falls asleep in the sling parents can easily put him down asleep in his cot, so that he associates his cot with falling asleep. As he gets older parents can use the sling for awake times and outings.

calm: There is overwhelming evidence that babies who are carried on their mothers are significantly calmer than babies who are not. The Baby Sense® Baby Sling mimics the calming environment of the womb. The feeling of being rocked, the soft, snug feel of the sling and the sounds of mum’s body (heartbeat and voice) helps to calm the baby.

• convenience: Carrying a baby, as well as being able to get on and do essential chores, or just go for a walk, is a balancing act. The Baby Sense® Baby Sling keeps the baby content while freeing up mum’s hands to ‘get things done’. The convenience goes as far as allowing mums to feed discreetly while wearing her baby

How to wear your baby

Place the Baby Sling over your head, with the pad on your shoulder for comfort.

• Cradle position: Once the sling is comfortably over your shoulders, open the sling and lower your baby into it. The head can be either towards the rings or in the other direction depending on how you and your baby are comfortable. As your baby gets older he may want to see out. You can alter the position of the padded sides to allow him free view. 

• Feeding position: Position your baby in the cradle position, facing towards the breast. With one arm lift your baby towards the nipple and raise your shirt and present your breast with one free hand.

• Hip hold: Use this position from six months onwards, or once your baby is sitting independently. Place the shoulder pad on the opposite shoulder from the hip you carry your baby on. Raise your baby to your shoulder on the side he will be carried on. Guide his legs through the sling so that his bottom sits on your hip with his legs straddling you. Adjust the height of the top padding of the sling to make your baby secure and you comfortable.

Keywords: Baby Sling, Soft Fabric

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