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By: Azacomp  11-11-2011
Keywords: Wastewater, Microbes

Origins of Acti-Zyme / AZAcomp

A-Z products contain a proprietary blend of non-pathogenic microbes both of an aerobic and anaerobic nature, as well as enzymes and supporting ingredients. It is best described as a compound. A-Z is a natural product, non-toxic, and is used to treat human and animal effluent. 

Benefits utilising A-Z:

  1. Sludge removal in effluent lagoons
  2. Clean Methane production. Production is increased by a minimum of 30%. The H₂S is greatly reduced in the sewage lagoons to the point where the captured methane can be used for heating, lighting, cooking and fuel for internal combustion engines without the requirement of going through scrubbers.
  3. Reduction/Virtual elimination of foul odours.
  4. Residual Water (highly nutritious in Nitrogen and micro-nutrients) is safe to use on agricultural land
  5. A-Z can be used to clean up sewage and sludge spillage in natural water courses
  6. A-Z will ordinarily follow food source into underground water courses, outcompeting E-coli and other pathogenic bacteria for the available food source, and all will die when this is complete.

A-Z was tested and perfected in lagoons over 19 years. During this time the inventor travelled to many countries around the world to find the optimal combination of microbes and enzymes specifically targeting biodegradable organic effluent to trial test until he was satisfied with the results in the lagoon trials. He ensured that the A-Z was tested in 'real-life' situations rather than just in laboratory situations.

A-Z is a very concentrated compound, containing 99% active ingredients. It accelerates the natural process of effluent breakdown. A-Z is used in lagoon waste-water facilities by municipalities, intensive livestock producers, and in the septic systems of residences, schools, restaurants, and commercial facilities, wherever biodegradable organic effluent needs to be treated. It has proven to be the only successful product at breaking down effluent and cleaning out the drains for numerous end users, some for over 30 years, such as towns of Wadena and Melfort, both in Saskatchewan (Canada). Currently, there are over 250 communities in Alberta and Saskatchewan using A-Z to treat their sewage ponds. In Zimbabwe very conclusive results can be seen at the Chegutu ZMDC test trial pond, which started in September of 2009.

A-Z microbial action acts to break the organic matter into water soluble nutrients which are then digested. Using complex chemical reactions, the organic waste is metabolised down to: -

  1. Nitrogen
  2. Water (non-potable)
  3. Micro-nutrients
  4. Methane - clean


The aforementioned countries successfully treat wastewater ponds with our product, which reduces sludge, odour, and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), an indicator of wastewater quality in effluent water. It will provide beneficial by-products in waste remediation systems containing biodegradable organic matter. Therefore our A-Z product can radically improve most of the wastewater/ sewage treatment centres and in addition to other sensitive areas e.g. wetlands. I briefly describe our product below with a focus on sewage wastewater treatment.


A-Z is an extremely powerful microbial compound that is bio-catalytic in nature.  This enables the microbes to multiply rapidly and in the process produce its own enzymes, which assist in the rapid decomposition of biodegradable organic waste. It will greatly increase the capacity of an existing system, which can eliminate the costly capital expenditure of expanding an existing system, or developing a new system.

Laboratory tests have shown that deep anaerobic lagoons are far more efficient than shallow aerobic lagoons.

Due to anaerobic action, the microbial cultures seed and incubate, in underground pipes/subterranean water courses to eliminate sludge build-up.

Microbial cultures contained in A-Z are non-pathogenic (harmless).  They are specifically selected strains ideally suited to thrive in sewage and waste management environments. A-Z can produce a minimum of 6.57 billion anaerobic bacterial colonies per gram in a 48hour period, and a minimum of 3.75 billion aerobic bacterial colonies per gram in a 48-hour period. The ponds that need attention obviously depend on: -

  1. Effluent retention time in the treatment ponds
  2. Severity of sludge build-up
  3. Chemical loads in wastewater  
  4. Effluent to water ratio.

Considering there are no specialised skills needed to apply the product, which enables valuable cost savings for municipal effluent operations.

A-Z accelerated microbial development enables wastewater treatment systems to operate at maximum designed capacity owing to removal of the sludge. A-Z also reduces the running costs of plants by eliminating the need for sludge removal.

A-Z is most effective in the pH range between 5 and 9. Should the effluent be outside these parameters; the use of our proprietary pH buffer is recommended.

Treatment using A-Z is dependent on a number of factors, such as degree to which the sludge problem has built up, pH; temperatures, anti-microbial agents present (such as chlorine or detergents), layout of treatment lagoons, retention time, flow rate, etc.

Water pollution due to impact of untreated or partially treated sewage is manifested in a number of ways including eutrophication, nutrient enrichment, aquatic deaths, scum formations and water discoloration among others.

Main sources of water pollution are untreated or partially treated effluents from municipal, industrial, agricultural and mining wastewater discharges, into lakes and rivers is now of major concern in most towns throughout the SADAC region. The quality of water supplies in the SADAC region, once taken for granted, is becoming the focus of increasing concern. Existing wastewater treatment facilities in many countries in the region are overloaded and facing serious difficulties in handling the ever-increasing volume of wastewater generated by an expanding urban population. Our product has the ability to increase the capacity of many aging sewage treatment works that currently carry expensive maintenance overheads.

Water pollution due to sewage wastewater

Many wastewater treatment processes worldwide are undertaken in natural or constructed wetlands and revolve around the growth and metabolism of wetland ecosystems. Whatever method is used to treat wastewater or effluent, it will eventually find its way into water sources either as ground or surface water. This leaves wetland ecosystems, their vegetation and aquatic life on both surface and underwater, very vulnerable to pollution.

Natural sewage treatment techniques and pollution

Natural wastewater treatment entails the treatment of sewage water by means of natural ecosystem interdependence without the use of chemicals as in conventional systems.

Conclusion A-Z is very effective, and functions under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. It breaks down biodegradable organic effluent in most situations; however, it is most effective with sufficient water as a means of transport/distribution. Once the substrate levels of activity of the microbes are established, then it is best not to disturb the various strata. The presence of industrial anti-microbial agents in high levels will retard the efficacy of the A-Z. The products are a proprietary blend of non-pathogenic microbes and enzymes, which are prevalent in nature. The product is best classified as a compound.

Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Suspended Solids (S/S), and Volatile Fatty Acids (VFA) among other indicators are reduced; odours are reduced by the virtual elimination of intermediary decomposition products such as sulphide gases, and the primary by-products of this microbial degradation are water; clean methane; Nitrogen and micro-nutrients.

 A-Z is an environmentally friendly wastewater remediation product that has over 30 years of continued success treating biodegradable organic effluent.

“From nature, to nature”.

Enquiries contact persons:

Ian Veldsman - South Africa
Tel:  013-7378136
Mobile: 082-8297065

Angus B. Hyland-Smith
AZAcomp Western Cape & Eastern Cape
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Keywords: Microbes, Wastewater