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By: Germo Pulse Therapy (Pty)Ltd  09-15-2009
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Andre Erasmus reporting.

Andre Erasmus is the National & International Sales Director of Germo Pulse Therapy (Pty)Ltd and the Company is very proud to announce that the totally new Action Potential Simulation device known as the TAZIM Pain Modulation Devicewill be launched on the 9 October 2009 in Cape Town at a prestigious gala event.

On the evening of the launch 56 distributorships will be made available in South Africa and distributorships in 180 Countries Globally. Applications for a distributorship may be e-mailed to Andre Erasmus at and all applicants will be interviewed by appointment only after we have received, evaluated and approved the application. 

The company acquired and owns the rights to the intellectual property, exclusive license, royalty, user, manufacturing marketing and distribution rights for the world famous  ”ACTION POTENTIAL SIMULATION waveform”  therapy technique for pain relief used in theTAZIM PAIN MODULATION DEVICE.  This form of Therapy was primarily developed, for the “non-invasive”, “non-pharmacological” control of acute, chronic and somatic pain. It delivers a much stronger electrical current than a normal action potential thereby causing biological effects to be accentuated and causes compromised conduction to be strongly replenished or even artificially totally replaced.

This brand new apparatus is known as the TAZIM PAIN MODULATION DEVICE, incorporating a fully automatic, micro processed controlled, digital and intelligent Action Potential waveform.

This exciting new TAZIM PAIN MODULATION DEVICEis able to successfully treat 45 different pathological medical conditions (see below). The treatment for each medical condition is programmed and storedin our world first breakthrough fully automatic, micro processed controlled, digital and intelligent Action Potential waveform. 

The waveform technology built into the new TAZIM PAIN MODULATION DEVICEis calculatedto effectively treat, improve and even reverse existing pathological medical conditions, without resulting in life threatening side effects often caused by the excessive intake of pharmaceutical drugs and patent medication. The TAZIM PAIN MODULATION DEVICEstimulates the body’s own nerve impulses and increases the frequency amplifying normal action potentials which conduct information to target organs. The outcome being the direct use of the body’s “natural” and “biological” conductor systems, to elicit a specific stronger result. This form of waveform treatment simulates natural nerve impulses for the relief, improvement or extrication of various medical conditions. The waveform is an alternating-direct current, a world first and previously impossible to simulate nerve impulses electronically.  One of its functionalities is to stimulate nerves causing the release of neurotransmitters or neurohormones. It also improves the overall general health and homeostasis of people not necessarily suffering from pathological medical conditions. In other words it improves the overall health of every human being.



The indications for the use of the TPMD have been categorized according to the tissues, systems and disorders which the relevant conditions involve.

Musculoskeletal System    

Nervous System / Nerve Tissue

Vascular Disorders

Inflammatory Conditions

Metabolic and Genetic Processes involving Increased Cyclic AMP concentration

Cardiovascular Disorders

Gastro –intestinal Disorders

Uro-Genital System

Upper Respiratory Tract


We nwould gladly like to hear from any interested parties suffering from any of the above conditions and you  may contact me directly on  

All correspondence will be dealt with very confidentially.


Kind Regards

Andre Erasmus

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