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By: Yebotech  11-11-2011

How Secure are Yebo Locks?

Much more secure than conventional locks. Each plug has over 18 billion billion combinations (that's 18 quintillion to the technophiles out there) - so the locks are impossible to pick. Because of the plugs's patented clutch design, the lock can't be forced in a conventional manner. No lock is indestructible, but an attacker will have to apply more bang for your buck if you use a Yebo lock.

How Expensive are Yebo Locks?

Do you have products specifically for the commercial market (businesses etc) and third-party applicatiions?

Not yet, but they are on the drawing-board.

The commercial products will include features like audit trails, centralized authorization management, lock and key adapters for naming and managing locks and keys, and ceramic drill-guards for hardened locksets.

YeboTech will be supplying toolkits and adapters to third parties interested in securing products such as firearms, power tools, laptops and other consumer products.

Will I get locked out if something goes wrong?

Yes. That's why the plugs have been designed for lifespans of decades and for harsh outdoor conditions. That's why your authorizations are stored on a nearly indestructible smart card, so if the key gets damaged you can simply insert it into another key. But there's no "back door" or any way to recover a lock if you you lose your only key and you haven't made a backup or issued authorizations to other keys. If that happens, it's your fault.

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YeboTech 8k Smart Card Product Information

The smart card enables you to easily replace or change your key without having to re-issue authorizations from your locks. The card can store up to 128 authorizations, enabling a user to access up to 128 locks simultaneously. The 8k smart card is a small 25 x 15mm card compatible with all YeboTech smart card keys. The kinds of cards commonly used in cell phones will not work.


YeboTech Circlip Plug Product Information

The Yebo plug's electrical contacts are routed through a high-voltage protection circuit that prevents any DC current from flowing at all. The electronics is also shrouded in a metal cage, so the lock is likely to survive even the electromagnetic pulse of a nuclear explosion. Everybody knows that electronics is vulnerable to damage by high voltage; so what about Yebo plugs.