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By: Ybike  11-11-2011

YBIKE Original

Enjoy the freedom of the outdoors and the joys of cycling from as early as 2 years old. The YBIKE will help your child develop an early sense of balance, co-ordination and control, along with independence, self-confidence and a sense of adventure!

Kids who tested the bike for 20-30 minutes twice a week showed the following improvements:

1. Substantial improvements in static & dynamic balance  2. Substantial improvements in bilateral coordination         3. Observable improvements in physical self-confidence

    (testing by Prof ES Bressan, Dept. of Sport Science, Stellenbosch University)

    Product Information  

    Recommended age 2 - 4 year olds, but can be used by most kids over 2 years old and weighing less than 50kg. Many 5 - 8 year olds enjoy playing with YBIKE!

    Max weight 50kg

    Height 46cm

    Height (seat-floor) 26cm

    Length 84cm

    Width 30cm

    Weight 3.5kg

    Colour Orange, Green, Pink

    What’s the idea?

    YBIKE has been designed with less balancing aid, with just one thick rear wheel.  This was done to maximise the gross motor skill development of the child. It has just enough stability and at the same time instability that will teach children from 2 - 4 years old to learn balance. See video for explanation. The idea is that it will tilt over a little bit, so that the child is encouraged to learn balance. It does however mean that young kids should be supervised when at first learning to master YBIKE.

    Studies conducted at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa showed that children who used YBIKE over a 2 week period showed up to 700% improvement in some cases in various tests of their balance and co-ordination skills. Incredible!

    If used enough there is a good chance that your child can progress to a normal bicycle at the age of 3 or 4 without having to use training wheels.

    This pushbike is tough.  The sturdy YBIKE Original sports injection moulded construction, which eliminates weak points and offers superior quality and great durability.

    When it comes to kids, safety is the main concern.  Safety features include:

    A larger turning circle to avoid children faling over the front.    Larger wheels to increase ease of crossing uneven ground/grass.        Raised body to prevent body getting stuck on obstacles and allow greater leg freedom.    Covered rear wheel to protect little feet



"From a psychologist’s point of view I could wax lyrical about how it has built his pro-priation , gross motor skills and sensory integration. All of this is true but actually I am far more enthused by the gifts we didn’t expect: Self esteem, a sense of adventure, communication skills and a delight in the world." Pam, Mom.

“He LOVES the bike and I even had to bring it upstairs to his room last night when he went to bed. Thanks so much for a GREAT product.” Lara, Mom

“My son has had a YBIKE for about 6 months now and it is fantastic!!!” Neil, Dad.

"As a mom of two boys, both of whom have the ybikes, we are extremely happy with them. My boys love racing round with them and they have stood the test of time with their durability.” Lisa, Mom.

“…what an impressive product from you guys. My son is now 2 years and 6 months and has got his ybike mastered.” Shaun, Dad.

"..the children at our school (aged 3 to 5) love our y-bikes." Little Oaks Country School, Stellenbosch.

“I think your product is FANTASTIC… they keep boys active outdoors and are a family favourite” Mom, Belinda

“Love the balance aspect… They are strong and sturdier than the usual plastic bikes yet light enough…. The bright, fun colours are a plus. They are just the right size for the children. Generally, the children can’t wait to get outside and grab an YBIKE! They simply love them! " The King's School, Robin Hills, Johannesburg.

"We find them really really sturdy. The kids absolutely love them. You can see they find it more difficult to balance, but this is good as it helps to practice their balance skill." Junior College, Fourways, Johannesburg.

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