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By: Wiwallet  11-11-2011

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wiGroup in the News:

  • Mar 2011 : Kauai rollout wiWallet nationally
  • Feb 2011 : MXit and wiWallet technology agreement -
    • Times Live -13/02/11Tech excitement hits SA 'Mxit has 10million active local users and its monetisation strategy runs the gamut from micro-transactions such as buying ring tones and cellphone wallpapers to more sophisticated transactions such as mobile payment systems such as UCS-powered wiWallet'
    • - 11/02/11 : MXit targets users' wallets 'Mobile instant messaging and social network group MXit will offer its 10 million active users a mobile payment service through an agreement with wiWallet..'
    • MarketME - MXit targets users' wallets
  • Jan 2011: Kauai utilise mobile vouchering processed by wiWallet in select Virgin Active Gym stores.
  • Dec 2010: Shoprite mobile couponing supported by wiWallet.
  • Nov 2010: Hungry Lion used MXit to distribute promotional vouchers to Western Cape MXiteers and redeem utilizing the wiwallet technology

Other products and services from Wiwallet


Mobile Payment Platform | Services

As our platform is integrated into numerous Point of Sale solutions across various industries, the wiCode platform ensures a standardised, efficient and secure way to transact irrespective of the PoS in operation at a specific retailer. Terminal based PoS whereby and external device is used to interact with the customer. Integrated PoS solutions in large retailers requiring switching infrastructure.


Mobile Payment Application | Services

WiApps technology delivers tailored payment applications across all mobile platforms, clients can select to use all or some of the available payment functionality. Pay bills - these can be retail specific bills as well as utility bills and services.



WiGroup have created the wiCoupon portal to allow suppliers, agencies and retailers to create mobile coupon campaigns that can be distributed to the mobile phone, this includes features such as. Display the coupons on mobile channels such as WAP, SMS, Application and USSD. Create campaigns for specific products at specific outlets.