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By: VDB Legal Consultants- Immigration Lawyers  11-11-2012
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We provide Immigration/Emigration advice and assistance at affordable rates, making sure we find the best possible solution to our client's migration needs. We will assess and advise clients on their likelihood of qualifying for various visa categories. People are relocating around the world for various reasons, as qualified Immigration lawyers we assist our clients to realise their migration dreams.

Our Immigration Lawyers provide legal representation in deportation matters as well as in Appeals and also make various High Court applications on behalf of our clients in different cases such as where there has been undue delays in the processing of their permit/visa applications.

Our services include providing legal advice and assistance with making the following applications:

  • Relatives Permits- This permit can be applied for  by Applicants who are immediate family members of a South African Citizen or immediate family members of someone who has Permanent residence status in South Africa. 
  • Life Partner Permits- This permit can be applied for by unmarried couples who are in a committed relationship where one partner is a South African citizen. This permit can also lead to an applicant eventually qualifying for  Permanent residency in South Africa.
  • Retired Persons Permits - Though the permit could lead one to believe that a person has to actually be of retirement age in order to qualify for this permit this is however not the case. In order to qualify for this permit a person needs to be able to provide proof of a pension fund or irrevocable retirement annuity or net worth or a combination of assets realising a minimum amount of R20 000 per month per retired person.
  • Spouse Permits- This permit can be applied for by foreign spouses of South African citizens and can also be endorsed with permission to work when the spouse receives a job offer or if the spouse decides to start a business of their own.
  • Work Permits - There are various types of work permits that a person can apply for depending on their qualifications and skills. A Work permit can also eventually lead to an applicant qualifying for permanent residency in South Africa. The various types of work permits are:
    • General Work Permit
    • Quota Work Permit
    • Exceptional Skills Work Permit
    • Intra-Company Transfer Work Permit
  • Study Permits- Foreigners intending to study in South Africa can apply for this type of permit and all foreign students studying at a higher institution of learning in South Africa are legally entitled to work for 20 hours per week during term time and full time during school holidays.
  • Permanent Residence Permits - There are various routes to qualifying for Permanent Residence  in South Africa, this permit allows one to live and work in South Africa without any limitations on the period they can stay in the country or the nature of work they can engage in. Permanent Residence Permits can also eventually lead to an applicant acquiring South African citizenship.
  • Business Permits- Foreigners wishing to establish their own business in South Africa or invest in an existing business in South Africa are required to have Business Permits and like every other permit they are very specific requirements which need to be met in order to qualify for this permit. We will provide you with a thorough step by step guide to meeting these requirements and lodging a competent application. 
  • Visitors Permits/Extensions- We prepare visitors permits and extensions of such permits be it for tourism purposes or other reasons. We also assist applicants with applications for visitors permits where they require the permits to be endorsed with permission to work. 
  • Deportation matters- When an applicant is in danger of facing deportation it is usually an urgent matter and therefore crucial that legal representations are made as soon as possible and that Home Affairs officials are made aware that the applicant is legally represented ensuring that the applicant's legal rights are protected. We assist clients by providing this legal representation in deportation matters.
  • Citizenship Applications- We cover all aspects of Citizenship Applications, advising and preparing citizenship applications and also advising and preparing Identity card and South African Passport Applications.

South Africa is today a more attractive destination to relocate to than ever before and Cape Town is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world but has recently had a main tourist attraction, Table Mountain, named as one of the new seven wonders of the world. 

Our Immigration Lawyers in Cape Town assist foreigners from all over the world with all types of visa/permit applications, be it just for vacation purposes or for those wanting to emigrate to South Africa. Our Lawyers make this process as hassle free as possible by dealing with the visa/permit application process on our clients behalf in an effective and cost-efficient manner. 

UK Visas­:

  • Citizenship Applications
  • Passport renewals/applications
  • Visas- Ancestral, Fiancé(e), Tourist, Settlement, Student, Tier system

We work with Central Law Practice, a  London based law firm, which has highly experienced and competent Immigration Lawyers. They assist our clients with UK visas by dealing with all in-country applications and appeals on their behalf. Even with the current economic climate the UK continues to be a favoured destination by many migrants in search of a better future, our team of qualified professionals can assist to make this a reality.

  • Tourist Visas
  • Work Visas
  • Settlement, EU residence Applications
  • Family reunion Applications
  • EU Blue card Applications

Europe has always had attractive holiday destinations and as a result people continue to flock to different parts of Europe on holiday. The Schengen visa makes getting from one country in Europe to another extremely easy for tourists and now with the introduction of the EU bluecard Europe has become even more accessible to Africans and Asians. This is because the EU bluecard (which essentially works like a work permit) was introduced with the specific intention of targeting professionals in Africa and Asia. 

Keywords: Immigration lawyers, Emigration to UK from South Africa, South African Permits/Visas, SA Retirement, SA work permits, UK Visas, EU Visas, Schengen Visas, Immigration lawyers in Cape Town, Affordable Im,

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