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By: Upgrade Yourself  11-11-2011

October 22, 2008

Chrome, Google's new browser, was barely out of its wrapping before Internet pundits began writing it off. As the first wave of early-adopter enthusiasts lost interest in their experiments and returned to their original browsers, so analysts began to declare Chrome dead. But there is a far more interesting set of dynamics at work.

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Our largest implementation is for South African National Parks , which uses a custom version of RoomSeeker to manage the booking and itineraries of all its visitors. RoomSeeker was developed in conjunction with the hospitality industry, and is an industry leader in Itinerary and Reservation management. The resort and hotel management system includes a centralised call centre booking module and a fully featured front desk system.


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Manage all details of Single Member or Family contracts, with Products that allow you to define the options you offer your Membership - access restrictions (eg. only off-peak), length of offer, Renewal rules and Prices etc. A comprehensive Debtors system manages your invoicing, payments, debit orders and credit notes. KRS Club includes a full bookings module for your managing your facilities.


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Our package solutions are all modular, and KRS owns the IP and source code, giving you a solution tailored to your needs with a remarkably short time to market. KRS Club has been assisting Gyms and Sports Clubs to save money for many years, ensuring that you can spend your efforts on your members, and not on admin.