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By: Underwater Explorers  11-11-2011
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Gear Rental

For recreational divers, full kit is available to rent. Cylinder sizes range from 10 - 15 litres.

Other items available to hire include torches, compasses, computers, SMB's, reels, etc.

For technical divers, twin 10’s, 12’s and 15’s are available to rent, together with stainless steel backplates and smooth edged wings. All twins come standard with DIN valves, isolation manifold and stainless steel bands and bolts. The twins are all steel, however aluminium is available for the wetsuit tech divers (although this is not recommended in our cooler waters). Dedicated aluminium stage cylinders ranging from 7 to 12 litres can also be rented and all stages are rigged the DIR way. V and P-weights, canister lights, jet fins, penetrations reels and miscellaneous tech gear are also available to rent.

Gas fills

Double filtered air, NITROX, 100% Oxygen, TRIMIX, Heliair, Helitrox and Argon are all available and personally blended on site to ensure absolute accuracy. For your convenience we also have a booster pump to boost your SCR/CCR and stage cylinders. Gas prices are all dependant upon cylinder size/s and percentage/s required. We also stock sorb and other rebreather consumables.


We sell a large range of both new and used dive gear. Contact us for all your gear requirements.

Keywords: Divers, Stainless Steel