Trading Forex (currencies), Shares, CFD`s, Futures and Indicis

Trading Forex (currencies), Shares, CFD`s, Futures and Indicis from Trading Point

By: Trading Point  09-29-2010
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Trading Markets for consistent income is a sustainable business opportunity for you with very low overheads.

More and more individuals are challenged with the idea of earning money by trading the financial markets in their own time without the pressures and stresses of running a business.  Many more see trading as an opportunity to supplement their pensions or income by becoming proficient in trading.

All you need for daily profit is our tested trading strategy with daily support, a laptop or PC with the internet connection and commitment to apply the strategy to trade successfully.

No business premises,staff,clients or stock is required for this sustainable business opportunity available to you.


Brief overview of how the various TRADING INSTRUMENTS are traded

Demo & Training on our FREE trading platform used to trade

Presentation will be held at our Trading Room at 42 Ridgeworth Drive Bellville on

Wednesday – 6 Ocktober at 6.00 pm

Trading markets alone can be lonely and daunting for most traders with your trades going against you time and time again with loss after loss.  The solution to this common trading problem can be found in joining one of our national trading rooms and support programs to put you on the successful path of making daily profit with your trades.

What do we do ?

Many traders been “tempted” into trading the derivatives markets with the promise of a quick and easy return.  Amateur traders quickly learn that without the required discipline, strategies and correct psychological approach the ability to make a sustainable and consistent profit become very difficult.

Trading Rooms has been established to satisfy the requirements of individuals who want to trade the derivative and forex markets.  We aim to guide the trader into becoming asuccessful trader with consistent and profitable returns. 

We have trading rooms nationally, creating an environment where individuals come together and trade instruments of the financial markets.  These are the same instruments and markets that financial institutions trade with.

Benefits of belonging to our Trading Room :

Build your confidence.  Start off by trading on a free online simulated trading platform until your confidence and knowledge grows. As your knowledge grows so will you slowly and according to a money management plan start trading with real funds.

Instill the discipline required to trade.  Many traders fall foul to the dreaded trading emotions of fear and greed.  Trading with others helps instill discipline required to trade.

Become a true target trader.  Discuss “setups” and “triggers” and know where your exit and stop targets are at all times according to the strategy.

Learn by trading together.  Many seasoned traders will testify that trading alone is an exceptional lonely experience.  It is our experience that traders who trade together according to the trend, using a tested strategy with a trading and money management plan are far more successful.

Discuss, test and trade your proven trading strategy with someone who can support you during trading hours.

TO BOOK for our FREE trading session kindly contact me on 083 399 4718 or email

Kind Regards

Theron Maree (Support Trader – Bellville)

Cell: 083 399 4718

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