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By: Totally Wild  11-11-2011
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To make the juices, the aloe leaves are harvested, drained of their bitter sap, peeled, washed and pulped, and then mixed with the various fruit pulps, extracts or concentrates before being pasteurized and packaged. We have gone to great lengths to keep the integrity of the various ingredients, and the products do not contain any artificial ingredients, sweeteners or preservatives. The juices are certified Kosher.

The Aloe Juice Drink is taken more for medicinal reasons than for pleasure. In the same way that aloe is known to soothe burns and irritations of the skin, it also invariably has a similar effect on burning sensations such as heartburn or indigestion, when taken as a drink. An aloe juice diet has been known for many years now, for its ability to relieve symptoms of numerous ailments of the digestive tract, including stomach ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome and colitis to name a few. It offers instant relief to sufferers of heartburn and indigestion, whilst at the same time, assists in building one's immune system. It is also documented to help in a diabetes diet as it is a good source of soluble dietary fibre.

Totally Wild's Cape Aloe Drink is a mixture of freshly pulped Aloe ferox, and water. A very small amount of Citric acid is used to adjust the acidity of the juice, which assists in prolonging its shelf-life.

Keywords: Aloe, Aloe Drink, Aloe Juice, juice,

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