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By: Totally Solar  11-11-2011

The vacuum tube solar water heater is the ultimate in technology and is now available in the East Cape from Totally Solar. The collector is unique in its functioning and far superior to its predecessors. Once installed you may relax as it will provide you with hot water without burning up electricity for many years to come.

The system may be used in hotels and factories and everyday households this cutting edge technology is far superior to any other solar collector on the market today. The system works on the absorption of UV rays which s converted into heat energy. Been a vacuum the tube remains cool on the outside but up to 200°C on the inside. Inside the tube is a copper heat pipe which acts as the element.


Can operate in temperatures of -15°C

Sleek low profile design

Maintenance free

Huge energy savings

Superior corrosion resistance

Excellent lifetime expectancy


Q Will the system work on a cloudy day?

A Yes,

the tube absorbs UV rays which penetrate through the clouds.

Q What happens if a tube breaks?

A The unit will continue working as it is a dry connection and works on heat transfer.

Q How hot will it get?

A The 200? tube system is designed for a temp. of Approximately 60°C

Q What happens if it rains for a few days?

A The holding tank has an electrical backup system which will heat the water.

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