GDBL-106 Zinc Oxide Lightning Arrester Tester

By: Top Oil Test Kits Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.  01-20-2011
Keywords: Oil Purification, Oil Filtration, Oil Purifier

   GDBL-106 zinc oxide lightning arrester tester  
1.1 General introduction GDBL zinc oxide lightning arrester tester uses the advanced microcomputer as the control unit, it is whole intellect operation, and has the advantages of strong anti-interference capability and accurate and reliable measurement etc, it is an ideal test device to test on the spot and in laboratory various related electric parameters of zinc oxide lightning arrester.  
1.2 Technical index AC input voltage(Effective value):         20-220V Total leakage current (Effective value):        0-10mA Resistant leakage current (Effective value):     0-10mA Condensive leakage current (Effective value):     0-10mA Total leakage current harmonic component:         0-10mA Lightning arrester power consumption:               0-999W System measurement accuracy:                       ±(Reading ´2% + 1Word) Power:    AC 220V ±10%, 50Hz ±1%

Keywords: Oil Filtration, Oil Purification, Oil Purifier

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