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By: The Village Leadership Consulting  11-11-2011
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By Robert Cooper and Ayman Sawaf

Review by Goodnews Cadogan, 2011-04-25


It has been quite a contest for me to choose one of my recently-read books for a review. It is the strong link between personal, team and organisation high performance status, and EQ (emotional intelligence) that persuaded me to go for this book.  Of the books I have read on the subject, none come close to this one in the depth of the research conducted, as well as the strong message that EQ is essential for 21 st century leader, team or organisation, and it is directly linked to increased profitability in business. I am also convinced that it is linked to excellent public service delivery through public sector organisations led by executives who have abundance of EQ in their midst.

The definition of EQ offered by the authors is: “Emotional Intelligence is the ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotion as a source of human energy, information, connection and influence.”

One of the models I use for executive coaching, the leadership circle, suggests that the leader has to be excellent at two things: task achievement, and relationship building. At the nexus of these two demands on the leader, or executive, is their level of maturity, measured in very specific and deliberate ways, in a 360 degree context. On the other hand, at The Village Leadership Consulting, we look at the leader as an individual (Me), their team (We) and other relationships, through which they exercise their influence. We further examine and work with their extended area of influence (Work) which is strategic and operational in nature, which they consciously influence. Lastly, the (Work) the larger socio-economic and political space in which they and their organisation operate in, and have to comprehend, so they can respond in ways that enhance the sustainable competitiveness of self and the organisation they serve. The Leadership Circle, and the Village Leadership Consulting body of work, highlights the importance of Emotional Intelligence as the critical component of Executive Leader’s success, including that of the organisation they serve. I add, the nation, the region, and the continent they serve, as well as the earth that we all live in.

Keywords: Leadership Consulting

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