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Exclusive Individual Colour Workshop

This session includes a hair, eye, skin and undertone assessment, draping in all your correct neutrals, pastels, and brights and receiving your individual spectrum palette. This palette contains all your most flattering clothing, makeup and accessory colours. Advice on your most flattering hair colour range is also included.

Exclusive Individual Colour and Makeup Workshop

Includes the above as well as teaching you the proper use of colour and makeup techniques. Learn how to do your do own Professional Makeover and look and feel gorgeous to boot!

GROUP COLOUR SPECIAL (8 – 10 delegates)

Group Colour Workshop (5 delegates)

Group Makeup Workshop (5 delegates)

Group Colour and Makeup Workshop (5 delegates)

Discover and Explore Your Individual Style Expression (10 delegates)

During this workshop we look at the 6 different Personality Of Style categories that exist and how we are all a composite of 2 or more of these. We look at Style Expressions at various stages of your life and what influenced those choices. Finally we assess your TRUE Style identity and the choices you have regarding shoes, clothing, accessories and hairstyles.

Body Silhouette Analysis (8 - 50 delegates)

Identify your body type and discover which lines and styles are most flattering to your specific shape. Includes face shape assessment, best hairstyles and side partings and earrings to suit your face shape.

Accessorizing (8-20 delegates)

Getting it Right, Making Scarves Work for you and Shopping Rules

Lifestyle Analysis and Wardrobe Planning (5 delegates)

Once you’ve completed your Lifestyle Assessment, learn how to build a wardrobe to suit your individual needs.

Amazing 40’s, 50’s & 60’s Workshop (10 – 50 delegates)

Celebrate your 40’s (and 50’s and 60’s for that matter) and discover some of the wonderful alternative and inexpensive natural beauty and image options at your disposal.

This workshop is about taking “Me-time” and pampering yourself for a change.

Instead of buying into the fear trap peddled by the anti-ageing brigade, choose to enhance the quality of your life dramatically by doing this workshop. Some of the areas covered in this workshop include:

Stress-busting strategies, foods that energise and delay ageing, insomnia cures, natural facial and luxurious bath oils, makeup do’s and don’ts, hairdo’s and hairdon’ts, effective and natural ways of combating peri menopausal symptoms, the world’s BEST moisturizer, banishing cracked heels for good, best way to younger hands, brilliant natural masks, and how to keep your neck as unlined and elegant as possible, to mention a few.

Perfume Workshop (5 people)

How often don’t we smell a gorgeous fragrance on a friend or colleague, rush out and buy it at great expense, only to find that it either smells quite different or absolutely awful on us. This workshop is designed to avoid that exact scenario. As I am a bit of a perfume “addict”, this workshop is truly one of my favourites. We will get to grips with making sense of scents! Once each delegate has had her skin type assessed, she will be taught how to improve her sense of smell. (People who have diminished or no sense of smell due to damage to their olafactory membrane or nerve are not able to smell, will be guided and advised by me. Each delegate will then be able to sample 4 or 5 fragrances on her skin and by the end of the workshop, she will have a very good idea of the scents that will be the most flattering to her. A session on making one or two of your own fragrances is also included.

Most of the above workshops can be tailored with regards to numbers and combinations. Please contact us should you like a quote on a specifically customised workshop.


Corporate companies often struggle with the image that they want their staff to portray. One of he reasons that they introduce uniforms is to try and ensure a particular standard. Black is more often than not a default colour but can be very draining on certain skin tones. Other colours or neutrals can make staff member appear sallow, pale or unhealthy, definitely NOT the image that you want your company to portray!

If you have an existing corporate colour and uniform that cannot be changed, it becomes imperative for all female members of staff to apply and wear makeup in their best colours. If male members of staff have a choice of shirt colours, they need to know which colours or neutrals suit them so that they can present and exude a confident and successful air.

At The Best You Image Consulting, we not only advise on the best colours for your uniforms, but we also show you how to make your existing uniforms work by looking at the staff member as a whole and showing them how to make the best of their appearance.

We also offer Customised Image and Lifestyle Workshops for women and men in the private and corporate industry. Workshops in the form of Fund-raisers for NGO’s and Schools are also available.

Keywords: Makeup