By: Talk To Trevor  11-11-2011

Michelle Strauss was in serious trouble.   A single mother with 2 small children, the bank was about to foreclose on her house and put it up for Auction.

Like so many people world-wide, she too had fallen victim to a recession from hell.

The letters of warning slowly started coming in from the bank while I frantically searched for a job so that I could save my house.

But when the Sheriff of the Court delivered a final notice, I realised that I had run out of time and would now have to sell.”

“With the bank’s foreclosure imminent, I couldn’t just call any Estate Agent.

I had to get someone who could perform miracles – and quickly! I have always heard about  Trevor from RE/MAX and his reputation as a top agent and read about him in magazines and the paper.

Now I started to pay careful attention and noticed the many Sold signs on the Talk to Trevor boards.”

“I called Trevor in and told him I literally had a few days to sell the house as the Sheriff of the Court’s letter of Execution had just arrived.

He looked through the house, took photos  and immediately started calling buyers and interacting with his team.”

“There were times when I became  emotionally  distraught and Trevor would  reassure me that we would sell in time. He has this incredible confidence that cheered me up.

And amazingly, within a matter of just 4 days, Trevor and his team had received 6 offers!”

“All my money was invested in this property. If Trevor had not gotten my house sold in time, it would have been auctioned and my family and I would have lost everything.

He also got me my price, enabling me to settle with the bank and have a nice profit left over,”  says Michelle.

The popular agent, who is renowned for his aggressive marketing, has saved other homes from the Auctioneer’s hammer – one just 2   hours before the Auctioneer arrived.

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With all the major banks recently slackening their brutal lending criteria and the interest rate being at it’s lowest since 1993 – could this signal the end of what some have called the most prolific property crash in decades. The incredible news of Trevor’s team’s World-ranking came hot on the heels of his latest award at the glittering National RE/MAX ceremony in Sun City. Top agent Trevor Chute with grateful single mom, Michelle Strauss.



Extremely active in community upliftment, Trevor has a Degree in Clinical Psychology and Communication Science,with distinctions in both, and does voluntary counselling for the House Of Ruth, an upmarket shelter being built to house abused women and children.