Security Awareness Programmes

By: Sysnet Global Solutions  10-28-2010
Keywords: Risk Assessment, Business Continuity, Information Security

Regardless of the investment in technology aimed at securing your information assets, any system can be compromised as a result of an uneducated workforce. Information security policies and procedures are effectively useless if your employees do not understand the content and the implications of failing to implement and follow them.

Often the existence of malicious software on corporate networks can be traced back to employees who failed to adhere to company policy and when questioned on it, they play the “I wasn’t aware of the policy” card. Many of the channels used by would-be attackers are based around people’s curiosity or willingness to be helpful. For example, the pervasiveness of phishing scams shows just how end-user trust is abused.

However an information security conscious workforce can significantly improve your
organisation’s protection against these types of attacks. Sysnet can assist you in developing and implementing an information security awareness programme that suits your organisation. Our services can include anything from creating simple, easy to understand awareness materials such as posters, e-mail or newsletters to full classroom sessions on a periodic basis. The successful implementation of an information security awareness programme ensures that your workforce is fully conversant in your internal security policies and procedures and well educated in the area of information security. An efficient programme can also ensure that you meet your requirements as dictated by compliance standards such as PCI DSS.

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