Incident Management Workshops

By: Sysnet Global Solutions  03-07-2011
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The majority of companies are not prepared or organised when it comes to dealing with an Account Data Compromise (ADC). As a result, when an ADC occurs, organisations are unable to carry out the appropriate responsive actions to contain and limit the incident. This can have a significantly negative impact on an organisation’s operation and reputation.

Sysnet’s Incident Management Workshops aim to educate employees within an organisation on various actions that can be carried out if a security breach did occur. It also gives the organisation’s employees a broader knowledge around how to manage and contain an ADC. A well educated workforce can reduce the number of incidents and improve reaction and closure times which all lead to the minimisation of brand damage and business loss.

We provide both 1 day introductory briefing and 3 day incident management training courses to organisations that are seeking to gain a better understanding of how to react to an incident.

Aim of Workshops
The aim of our workshops are to educate business decision makers on how to identify the critical assets that would be affected by an external card breach and to also identify if there was a loss of card data as well as other legal and compliance implications that can occur.

Course Outline
Delivered by an experienced member of the Sysnet’s Data Forensic team, our 1 day course teaches delegates about the risks of dealing with a suspected card breach and why early action in dealing with the incident can limit the scale of the breach.

Delivery of the Course
The course is delivered over a 6 hour period that is spilt up into modules, each lasting approximately 1 hour with a break in between each one of them. Courses are tailor made to different types of business types; Merchants, Acquirers and Hosting Providers.

Following this course, merchants should have a strong awareness of the processes of an incident response event and what impact this has on their business and what plans should be put in place to start addressing the potential issues.

Our courses are delivered to 10 - 12 people at a time, with the minimum amount of people on the course being 4 attendees. Paper copies of the slides are given in the workshop pack along with associated material. The modules are delivered in a classroom setting with PowerPoint slides and through group interaction.

For further information on our Incident Management Workshops, please contact one of our Sales representatives by calling +353 (0)1 495 1300 or by completing our  or .

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