two types of rib and block systems on the market

two types of rib and block  systems on the market from Superior Deck

By: Superior Deck  05-20-2014
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there are two types of rib and block decking systems on the market. type 1 : the conventional method of using y-bar as the main reinforcement in the rib, the blocks are much smaller - 140mm and 190mm , resulting in using a 60mm concrete topping when pouring concrete, spacing of ribs are vastly different depending on were you buy your blocks and or which company you buy from, the mesh reinforcement ref-193 are heavier than that of type 2,stiffener steel is y16 resulting in a much more expensive slab per square meter. type 2 : the new improved system uses high tensile steel as is main reinforcement in the ribs making it much more stronger in tensile strength, the block are 150mm and 200mm , resulting in using a 50mm concrete slab when pouring concrete, also ensuring a more exact overall slab thickness, making building work quick and easy, spacing of these rib depends of the with of the block, and because these blocks are not longer the 400,stiffener steel is y12 ,the mesh reinforcement ref 100 is also much lighter than that of type1 ,resulting in a reduced square meter price. most engineers prefer to design according to type 1 , the reason behind this , is that most are not familiar with pre-stressing method .the design perimeters are much simpler than that of type 2. most people are then left with engineering plans which they then unsure were to purchase the material only to find out that the pre-stressed rib and block system is much more cost effective than type 1. if your engineering plans are already done , there is no fixed rule to say you have to use the system design for you , you can opt for a different one , and most people does not know this , ask you engineer which system do you have.

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