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Keywords: Vessels, Data Logging, Reporting Software

Tube Inspection Services - ET & UT

Eddy Current technicians are qualified and certified to PCN and SNT-TC-1A standards with a minimum 2 year of experience gained. Tube inspection service are in accordance with ASME standards and comply with company's quality management system.

Acquisition & Reporting software includes online analysis making preliminary reports  available to our clients on inspection completion.

Sonometric Inspection aims to give quality inspections incorporating one on one based client relations.

Online analysis allows for tubes to be retested if discontinuity's need re-evaluating prior to demobilisation.

Mobilisation time is kept to a minimum.

Testing of Ferro and non-ferromagnetic material tubing.

Ridged or flexible cable probe types, for easy and effective tube testing.

Periodic calibration checks for system accuracy.

Immediate preliminary reporting due to online analysis.

Detailed Final reporting certified by Level 3 within days after inspection has been completed.

Striving for client satisfaction and quality assurance.
UT Applications
Casting, Forgings and Extrusions
Welds and structural steel assemblies
WT Applications
Plating on all vessels including ESP vessels and Oil Rigs
Mapping of pitting
Mapping and monitoring of corrosion
Steel condition assessment

Digital wall thickness measurement is used to determine the thickness of different items and detect corrosion that may have occurred on a part that is not open to other types of inspection. Our equipment with internal data logging capabilities allows us to efficiently inspect your project and compile detailed reports and CAD drawings.

As one of the world leaders in ultrasonic thickness measurement services, we have extensive experienced and competent technicians to provide high quality services in accordance to the Classification Societies and the Client’s requirements.

Sonometric Inspection has a long standing relationship with many Clients all over the world as a result of our high quality reports. All reports are generated by our experienced report coordinators on our custom designed reporting system or the Classification Society reporting software along with our detailed and accurate CAD drawings.

RT Applications
Casting, Forgings and Extrusions
Electronic components
All types of welds and bridge structures
Oil Tankers and Bulk Carriers
Valve and pump bodies
Water and petrochemical above ground storage tanks
Hydro power generation facilities
PT Applications

Welds and structural assemblies
Plastics and Glass
Machined parts
Leak test
Paper mill suction pressure rolls
Retaining bands on generator rotors
Valve and pump bodies and seats
Non-magnetic impellers for vessels and hydro-electric power plants
Press fit connections

MT Applications
Casting, Forgings and Extrusions
Rolled plate and bar material
Boiler internal inspections
Springs, gears, studs, bolts, nuts, and washers
Welds and structural steel assemblies
Paper mill components such as roll gears, dryer roll heads, and internal baffles
Induction fan blade weldments at power plants
Valve and pump bodies
High pressure header stud welds
Vessel domes
Both seamless and welded pressure vessels
Blades pressure steam turbines and diaphragms
Valve stems
Liquid Penetrant Testing
Magnetic Particle Testing
Ultrasonic Testing
Radiographic Testing
Digital Wall Thickness Measurement
Photographic Surveys
Washing and general cleaning
High Pressure Water Blasting
Grit Blasting
Maintenance & Repairs to Protective Coatings

Keywords: Data Logging, Preliminary Reports, Reporting Software, Structural Steel Assemblies, Vessels,

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